Security Re-Engineering


You have spent lakhs / millions to enable information and cybersecurity in your organization, but everyone still tells you that you are at risk. How do you know what you did and what is being advised is going to cure you of your sleepless nights!

Risk is omnipresent and you need to constantly update your systems to manage it, and to manage all new threats. To do this you need effective and effectively designed processes.

Business Process Re-engineering is recognized as an effective tool to raise your business productivity and profitability through design changes.

The same rule holds true for your security management system. Remember that cybersecurity is a managed process which orchestrates the working of people and technologies. The security management process and outcomes result in organizational resilience through proactive, or reactive, security controls.

Security Re-Engineering – Design Assesment

Our Security Re-engineering practice will assess the design and present state of effectiveness of security controls that have been enabled. The assessment will cover


Resource strength, internal and outsourced skills, effectiveness and quality of training and awareness, hiring / onboarding / off-boarding, monitoring, drills, cultural issues and any other issues which may pose a risk to the security setup


Security technology solutions in operation, configuration, patching, backup, testing, and overall effectiveness and completeness of the technology stack vis a vis the business size and risk.


We will review and analyze IT and critical business processes that will cause high impact to operations in event of the manifestation of a risk / threat scenario. Our team will carry out a process mapping, as needed, to map the organization topology and to identify weak touchpoints from the security perspective.